Programming Languages

My main programming language. I am able to use (nearly) all language features.
I am programming C89 style, which is, in my opinion, the best C dialect. Anyways I have some experiance using this language and object orientation in C is no miracle!
Learned Java6 in school. The current version is Java8, so do not expect any wonders to happen.
After learning (basic) AT&T style assembly I created my own assembly languages: KASM and KASM2.
Markup Languages
I have experience with Markdown, reStructuredText and LaTeX. I jumped into HTML5/CSS/JS but I am no web designer (at all).

Current Projects

I maintain PyRegisterMachine2, avr-stdlib and BeeKeeper. Currently under (more or less active) development is sjfs a simple journaling file system for embedded devices and a python3 cross-web clustering system. I do think about rewriting BeeKeeper.